To import primers from an external primer catalog or from a PrimerSelect project:

  1. Select File > Import Primers from a Catalog.
  1. Choose either a primer catalog (.pri) or a PrimerSelect project (.pcr) containing a primer catalog.

SeqBuilder Pro attempts to locate each primer in the catalog on the current sequence by searching for sites on the template that match at least the 12-mer at the 3’ end of the primer. Those that are found are annotated as PCR_primer features and added to the Primers view. If primers were located, a message confirming the new primers will appear:

Each PCR_primer feature added as a result of importing primers will have three qualifiers:

    • /primer - the primer sequence

    • /note - any notes for the primer that were contained in the catalog

    • /set - the set number SeqBuilder Pro assigns to the group of imported primers. The Primers view uses set numbers to organize primers into groups.