In this tutorial, you will use synchronous updating to update the same sequence when it is open in both MegAlign and SeqBuilder Pro.

  1. Download and extract the tutorial data.
  2. Launch MegAlign and use File > Open to select Lasergene ‘x’ Data\Demo MegAlign\Calmodulin Alignment.meg, where ‘x’ denotes the version number for Lasergene.

Imagine you needed to edit two of the residues in the Black Mold Calmodulin sequence. To do this, you can edit the sequence in SeqBuilder Pro without closing MegAlign.

  1. Highlight the Black Mold Calmodulin sequence in the list of Sequence Names.
  1. Select File > Send Sequence To > SeqBuilder Pro. SeqBuilder Pro opens and displays the Black Mold Calmodulin sequence.
  1. Modify the sequence by changing the 4th residue from an S to a Q and the 10th residue from a V to an I. Here is how this appears in SeqBuilder Pro.

  1. Make MegAlign the active window. Note that the change has been made in the file in MegAlign, as shown below.

  1. To save the changes in the original MegAlign document, use File > Save.

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